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3D Ultrasound Imaging (3D Sonogram)

Specialized in 3D Imaging, Queens Women's Health provides the Highest Quality, Best Value 3D Ultrasound Images in the area.

Advances in ultrasonography allow expectant parents and their families to see their baby smile, yawn, suck their fingers or toes, and even open and close their eyes during the 3D ultrasound. Queens Women's Health has an unconditional belief, determination, and desire to maintain a quality presence on the basis of safety, customer service, consistency, and value that can be trusted.

Voluson 730 Ultrasound
The power of the Voluson® 730 series is its quality imaging capabilities - it gives you the extraordinary vision needed to help diagnose patients earlier and with increased confidence.


3D Ultrasound is a revolutionary medical ultrasound technique that can be used during pregnancy and routine gynecological care that provides a three dimensional image. When used during pregnancy, a highly detailed image of the fetus and the womb are created.

3D ultrasound provides an incredibly detailed set of images that can aid in diagnosis and monitoring of a child in-utero.

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